Scoob (aka Scooby doo) was a temporary pet in Adopt Me. He was a free pet and if players aged him up to fully-grown, they would receive 3 pet accessories to keep. The event was released on May 4th 2020 and ended on May 18th 2020 so now scoob is completely removed from the game. He was also fly and ride so there was no need to buy a fly or ride potion for him. He has a brown body, with black spots on him and a black nose and a teal collar. You would only be able to obtain him if you helped him find his collar. Along with the temporary scoob pet, you would also recieve a temporary mystery machine vehicle. His three tricks are sit, lay down and scared. The event was a celebration of the release of the SCOOB! movie. He also couldnt be turned into a neon or mega neon pet because players would only recieve one of him.

A Picture Of Scoob :)

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